Energi & Enviroment

At BotanIQ Lab by Offer Madsen we appreciate the large variety of plant species and it is obvious to us that we must care for the environment. This is reflected in our work processes and in our production where some of the initiatives taken are, that we only use collected rain to water our plants and that we re-use fertilizer-water and therefore have no discharge.

Since 2004 we have further isolated the nursery and improved our ability to control the climate in the nursery so that we have been able to reduce the consumption of heating by 65% from 2004-2015.

When possible, we only use biological treatment in our production.

In order to document our environmental initiatives we take part in the international environment program MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt), where any environmentally damaging factors is registered and classified. In this program we are A-classified (best category). Link to our Certificate

Also we are pleased that green plants are now proven to have a positive effect on indoor climate. Specifically our Hoya Australis is tested and proven to have a good effect on indoor climate.

Quality- and Production control

Producing high quality plants require skills and knowledge. Doing it over and over again takes more than that. When dealing with living material – plants – where growth and quality is effected by many factors, a highly detailed quality - and production control is needed.

We take pride in delivering high quality plants at the right time. This goes for both the plants that we produce ourselves and for the plants that we import from around the world.